bodhin Life Care Program

bodhin life care protocol program is a value based life and wellness improvement program to help individuals, groups and corporates in enhancing quality living and wellbeing.

Holistic health is a state of constant feeling of well being and well being is a state achieved by being in free flow of energy, fine tuning and balance between Mind, Emotions, Physique and Soul. Any disturbance or imbalance at one layer is reflected through blockage of energy at all other layers.

Life care is Holistic health and well being care program

The program comprises of:

  1. Health assessment - Health check up
    • Self assessment test - questioner related to Mind health, Emotional health, Physical health
    • Diagnostic assessment
  2. Health Evaluation - Skilful evaluation and consultation by Dr. Sejal
  3. Health risk assessment - Evaluating symptoms to diagnose future health risk possibilities
  4. Lifestyle Evaluation - Evaluation of lifestyle's role in current health condition
  5. Holistic health plan - Setting highly individualised life care and improvement plan for every single individual by Dr. Sejal
  6. Goal setting - Nothing works until positive and reachable goals are set and to be worked upon.
  7. Health Appraisal - Periodic assessment of improvement

The purpose of the program is:

  • Improvised and healthy living
  • Aversion of any health risk
  • Decrease preventable diseases
  • Master life's challenges
  • Improve overall Health
  • Control health care costs

bodhin life care program evolve around

  • Mind Fitness
  • Emotional Fitness
  • Physical Fitness
  • Social and environmental compatibility and Fitness

What to expect at bodhin

  • Skilful analysis of health and lifestyle
  • Natural Medication and treatment to improve mind, emotions and physical fitness
  • Counselling for social and environmental fitness
  • Diet and Nutrition advice
  • Healing experience of Music and Mantras, Colour and Light and Aroma
  • Inner Yoga practices guidance
  • Self motivation, incentives material and tips

We salute and cater to corporate needs in enhancing life quality of their team and thereby enhancing efficiency, productivity, healthy and joyful environment for the growth of the company.

bodhin wishes to be the part of human wellbeing and growth


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