bodhin Transcend Stress Program

You feeling stressed out?
You can be right, because you are the best judge of yourself.

You feeling helpless?
You cannot be right because no one can help you but yourself. You may seek support but your work only you can do. Prepare yourself for same.

First ask yourself what you want to do with your stress?

  • Allow it be a never ending and can't help phenomena
  • Over power it, take it in your stride and make it a best growing chance for yourself.

You are gifted with a stressful situation so that you need to and you can work on your inner self, and grant yourself a better you

Let your stress be your best pal.

Before we check what best we can do with stress, we must also know what worst we can do with stress..

  • High-stress and prolonged stress may cause you ailments like depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal problems, impaired immune response and even cancer.
  • Be a victim of situation then be a boss of it and lose of control over situation and stress.
  • Wastage of precious joyful moments and also wastage of gift called life.
Self help
  • Accept fact
  • Make a conscious choice to make best use of situation
  • Let your inner work take growing shape and at the same time seek expert help
  • Feel the sense of gratitude
Expert help
  1. Natural Remedy of Homeopathy
    • Homeopathy works best in invoking suppressed feelings and holdings in one's life and transcend beyond it.
    • It is a vibrational energy working best in enforcing all your inner strength, be it your immunology, be it your core, be it your vital force, be it your prana.
  2. At the same time Gift your self
    • Friendly guidance through seminar and workshops
    • Counsellor and doctor's advice
    • Inner Yoga
    • Psychology booster Bach flower remedy
    • Healing experience of music and mantras, colour and light, aroma.

bodhin 'Transcend stress' protocol program serves you all above under one umbrella.

We offer personalised and/or group sessions of 'Transcend Stress' for Individuals, Groups and Corporates. They consist of

  • Homeopathy medicines
  • Counselling sessions
  • Seminar and workshop
  • Bach flower remedies
  • Inner Yoga
  • Healing remedies of music and mantras, colour and light and aroma.

Corporate are facing fierce stress issue while coping up with competitive edge, we help you overcome stress and enhance efficiency, productivity, healthy and happy environment for the growth of your company.

To compile all,
You may come in low.
You will go out fresh, bubbling with energy, all charged up to meet life situation eye to eye

We may not be the best in these but our intentions towards you are clean and clear of helping and that gives us the strength to help you transcend through your stress


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