A chalazion is a lump of the upper or lower eyelid caused by inflammation of a gland of the lid. It may be soft and fluid-filled or firmer. A chalazion is also referred to as a meibomian cyst, tarsal cyst, or conjunctival granuloma.


The narrow opening through which a meibomian gland (eyelid gland) secretes its material can become clogged from narrowing of the opening or hardening of the sebaceous liquid near the opening. If this occurs, the gland will have a backup of the material it secretes and it will swell. This leads to thickening of the walls of the gland and leakage of oil into the lid itself, causing inflammation both within the gland and the eyelid. This inflamed enlargement is a chalazion.

Risk Factors:

Certain people are more likely than others to get a chalazion. Common risk factors include:

A History of Chalazia

If you have had a chalazion in the past, you are at a slightly higher risk of getting another one.

Unclean Hands

If you often touch your eyelids with unclean hands, you may increase your risk of getting a chalazion because dirt can block your oil glands.

The most common symptoms of a chalazion are:

  • A tender spot on your eyelid
  • A hard lump on your eyelid that you have never seen before
  • Increased tearing of the eyes
  • Blurred or blocked vision
  • Sensitivity to light
Chalazia vs. Styes

Chalazia are sometimes confused with styes. You can tell the two types of eyelid lumps apart because chalazia do not usually hurt, while styes often do. In addition, chalazia are usually found away from the edge of the eyelid, while styes are most often found right on the eyelid edge.

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