At bodhin, all our programs & therapies are holistic with the aim of stimulating natural healing. We go an extra mile in offering complete treatment systems that combine appropriate therapies, tailored to an individual child's needs. Our treatment is safe & beneficial for individuals of all ages. Children & teenagers respond well by improving in their learning capacity & physical health exhibiting positive physical, emotional & behavioral changes after treatment.

It is non suppressive, non-invasive but alleviates the child's symptoms from its root cause. Children commonly fall prey to infections like cold, cough once they start attending school but their immune system should be strong to fight off these infections & be even stronger later. Some of the reasons that can be attributed are poor diet, and the immunosuppressant effects of medications like antibiotics. If their immune system does not develop well at this age infections frequently affect them in later life.

It is commonly known that antibiotics no longer work as efficiently as they used to because germs are becoming immune to most antibiotics day by day. This has occurred due to unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics on large scale. Hence a downward spiral of health status is observed in children. At this stage, homoeopathy can play a pivotal role in strengthening the immune system to prevent further complications. Homoeopathic medicine may not only help to improve the health of infant and children but also help them to become healthy adults. Homoeopathy treats the children as a whole rather than just their symptoms, therefore a practitioner will observe the child in terms of overall appearance, the way they behave, answer questions, how emotional they appear etc.

Also once children start going to school they are more prone to unexplained aches due to anxieties of adjusting in new environment. Here also, homoeopathy can play a significant role in removing these anxieties & developing confidence in themselves that is beneficial in future life also. It also strengthens a child's immune system before the hormonal battleground of puberty sets in. In Homoeopathy, mind and body are seen as interactive with disharmony on any level affecting the whole person. For instance, a teething infant may be angry about the pain, or clingy and whining. There may be associated fever or bowel irregularities. Treatments are always tailored to the individual child, as each will express his / her disease in their own way. Therefore the treatment of one child with apparently the same problem as another may be totally different.

At bodhin, we incorporate programs that provide with a host of advantages for your child.

  1. Our remedies are significantly beneficial to combat allergies & infections that are most common in children.
  2. We also resolve growth & developmental issues of children like delayed milestones, deficiencies etc.
  3. Treatments to boost good school performance in children.
    • Improving communication skills
    • Boost self-confidence & self-esteem
    • Understanding stress in children
    • Coping exam stress
  4. We also offer Parent education & counseling
  5. Behavioral disorders like ADHD etc
  6. Obesity management in children
  7. Managing the Nutritional Status of children


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