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Valuable Friends,

We at bodhin and Dr. Sejal's Foundation believe that life is beautiful and worth living.. for each one of us. Even for those who have less resource to make life a celebration.

During our 16 years journey with patients, we have found that serving those with less resources, give us the most satisfying moments in life.

It is a need of an hour to make healing process as natural and smooth as possible with utmost care. We become thrilled while involving ourselves in Research of deep digging ways of healing.

So far now we have been conducting free camps, distributing free or concessional rate medicines along with associating ourselves in many other health promotional activities as a routine part of our practice. In which Pet care has also been an integral part of our services.

Involving ourselves in Research to enhance the scope of Homeopathy as an alternate therapy has also been an integrated part of our day to day activity. We have also been trying to take Homeopathy to new heights not just by treating thousands of patients but also by taking challenge of successfully healing chronic and complicated cases like Cancer, AIDS, Kidney failure, Autism and many more...

Now, we are embedding all these activities under the banner of 'Dr. Sejal's Foundation'.

bodhin and Dr.. Sejal's Foundation aims at reaching as many patients in need in form of having less resources and having chronic health issues and try to heal them as much as possible. One of our main aims is to reach the interior part of Rural India for health awareness and health promotion. We are also aiming to keep ourselves ready to help out as much as possible in case of epidemics.

We at bodhin and Dr. Sejal's Foundation have a very strong belief that 'everything happens for the reason' and so is our being together. We welcome all our valuable patients, friends to come forward and extend their whole hearted support in form of suggestions, bringing forth these kinds of activities to us and or providing resource to us. Let us combine our expertise and your resources to give this belief a concrete form.

Let us together try to create an environment where health flaws can be healed with utmost care.

Let us together touch the lives of as many as possible and change their lives for betterment.

Let us together make Life worth a Celebration for all of us.

Dr. Sejal's Foundation


bodhin - Dr. Sejal's Holistic I Notion


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World Cancer Day

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Date: 14th March, 2014:
World Kidney Day

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