Health Pledge

Dear Friends,
Life and living is a conscious choice. Our sickness, diseased conditions are creation of our own self and we only have the power to overcome it and lead to a happy and healthy life. We may at times need support of experts to do so but surpassing is only and only in our own hands. By being healthy and happy, not just we can live a life of our own dreams, we can also be the inspirations to many other lives. There's Hero in each of us.

Today, from this moment we all take a Pledge that we will together do whatever needed to invoke our power of within, our own Hero and live a life of our own aspirations.
Dr. Sejal Sanghavi

My Pledge To Live Healthy Life

Today is the most important day of my life. Today I am deciding to live a healthy life from now on.. Today I am deciding to remove all mental, emotional and physical sickness from my life and do everything to prevent them to best possible extent in future.

My health is important for me. It is important for my own life, my success, my happiness and my meaningful living. My being healthy is also as well important for my family and my loved ones. I realize that slightest symptoms of disease or uncomforting indicate some disturbance at all levels and I have to make timely, judicious decisions & efforts to restore my health. It is for my good to cultivate attitude of healthy living and I would do all to cultivate the same.

Today I Pledge that I will -

  • Make good health a priority of my life.
  • Keep the determination and commitment to cultivate attitude of healthy living.
  • Neither be too anxious nor too casual about my health.
  • Have a positive lifestyle and organized life.
  • Create and maintain healthy environment around myself.
  • Do all that is needed in balanced manner to take curative and preventive measures for my healthy mind, healthy emotions and healthy body.
  • Learn to prevent and manage stress.
  • Become icon of healthy living myself and inspire others to the same.
I pledge today to live in good health for myself and my loved ones


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