Holistic 'I' Notion

What makes one Whole?

There are four layers of Intelligence prevailing with all living beings. Mind, Emotions, Body and Soul, and harmony between all four layers are known as whole. Harmony between all four layers makes health at its purest. Once we learn the purpose of the body, the mind, emotions and the soul, and how they work together in harmony, we develop a sense of meaning about life and how to make the most of the time we have here.

bodhin is about respecting and loving 'Self' first and then extending respect and love towards all of human kind and other living beings by,

  • Invoking aware
  • Helping in purifying at all levels
  • Helping in restoring Movements
  • Helping in Consciously Creating life of Desire
  • Creating openness and receptiveness
  • Helping in Regaining Balance
  • Helping in restoring Responsibility

Sapere Aude! Have courage to use your own understanding!

Holistic 'I' Notion:

'I' Notion, is a process to discover and resolve what holds you back in life of your desire.


Dare to know the truth, to obtain the knowledge and successfully apply it to your life. Be at co-creation with Universal Source of Energy. Make possible your connection with your higher self, your soul, for your life purpose. Be the power of your own source of healing and your growth.

Healing is a process of Rebalancing and Regaining. Healing is bringing symphony to achieve health at its purest. Healing is a power of centre achieved through Nourished Body, Present Mind and Awakened Self.

Healing is a stepping stone towards growth.

Dr. Sejal's Holistic 'I' Notion is balanced combination between Healing Art and Healing Science.

The Art and Science of Healing and Awakening Holistic 'I'.

Doctor's Holistic 'I' Notion, a Healing Art.

  1. Patient while complaining about his symptoms reveals his INSTINCTS. Doctors I Notion is to sense these Instincts, whatever reports may show.
  2. Reaching till the root CAUSE of the unhealthy condition. Doctors 'I' Notion is to quickly reach till the root of the diseased condition
  3. Mind, Body, Emotions, Socio Economic Conditions responsible for missing links between Universal Source of Energy and patient 'I'. Doctors 'I' Notion is to IDENTIFY this missing link and fix it with Natural Treatment Resources.
  4. Holistic 'I' Notion Doctor empowers patients with practical health knowledge and LIBERATE them to become "doctors" themselves. An 'I' Notion Doctor is an Educator.. The best prescription a Doctor gives patient is KNOWLEDGE.
  5. Holistic 'I' Doctor and his / her prescription is a medium. The Real Healer is Within You. Doctor and medicines just help in invoking one.

Doctor's Holistic 'I' Notion, a Healing Science

Body is a barometer of soul. Any disturbance at physical or emotional level indicates blockage of energy at soul level. Life is giving us opportunity to become aware and fix energy blockages through life situations like events, people, places - they challenge us on at least one of these levels, physical, emotional, mental and / or spiritual. And when not being able to tackle what we face is unhealthy condition. Skilfully integrating Natural resources and methods for connecting link between self power and universal energy is our way of initiating.


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