Integrity and Quality Policy

We at bodhin take pride in the quality of healthcare facility we provide to all our patients. Our quality management procedure is a continuous process and is based on our experience and feedback, inputs received from the patients in our journey towards building a dis-ease free world through a natural and elegant science of Homeopathy.

We believe in delivering result in the quickest possible time, the changing the general concept of Homoeopathy in the minds of general public, as being too slow and long drawn process. In the process of giving quickest result, we also maintain stringent quality in our procedure, so as the result are permanent and our patients become healthier in the process.

We have laid down procedures and standard methodologies for our consultant to follow regarding each patient to give uniform results.

We maintain our high standard by

  • Regular training of our consultant to keep them aware of latest happening in medical field.
  • Homeopathic research to develop new Homeopathic molecules and study newer scope for age old Homeopathic molecular medicines.
  • Regularly publishing research paper

Before starting the treatment, we take detailed history of each of our patient to know their likings, dislikes, mental attitude, reactions to various stresses etc. This history detail is completely confidential and is not exposed to anyone external to our clinic consultants.


Upcoming Events

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World Cancer Day

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Date: 14th March, 2014:
World Kidney Day

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