Message from Mentor

I welcome all of you along with us to the journey called life. Life is a wonderful gift, life is a Celebration, if we are wishing to.

But many a times our limitations, setbacks, lack of motivations, fighting spirit, circumstantial effects doesn't allow us so. The limitations could be in front of mental, physical or emotional level, our inability to cope up with situations and so on.

Rest remaining same, what we have in our hands is the spirit to fight back, spirit to win over situation, spirit to be the master of our own destiny.

Are you one of them? Are you prepared to take natural support, overcome all these and flare up like a phoenix? Today is the moment to take first step.

bodhin is for all who are looking for upliftment. Upliftment is a process of Holistic Healing to Enlightenment. We will be more than glad in giving you all round support in form of natural and holistic healing to enlightenment.

Be bodhin, be Enlightened.

Caring Regards,

Dr. Sejal Sanghavi


Upcoming Events

Date: 4th Feb, 2014:
World Cancer Day

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Date: 14th March, 2014:
World Kidney Day

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