After 10 days of treatment with Dr. Sejal, my son was reaching to the medicines, initially he had a very chesty cough which is disappearing and hopefully with Dr's confidence and treatment, it will go completely.

-- P. A., U.K

Let me first start by saying how extremely sceptical I had been towards Homeopathy. I personally I needed to 'see it to believe it', and I never imagined that Homeopathy would help me lead a healthier and happier life.

I came to Dr. Sejal through a friend and started treatment for my sinus and allergy problem and within few month sinus and allergy was cured. I thank Dr. Sejal for her support and amazing ability to analyze in detail and with accuracy recommend remedy for me.

-- S. B., Mumbai

I had premature Ejaculation issue from past five years. This is first time I have tested Homeopathy, I have found so many changes in my body with Dr. Sejal's medicines.

-- V. S., USA

My father has been suffering from lung carcinoma for past two months and has been taking treatment by various doctors at Lilavati Hospital, but he has found some relief under your treatment.

Madam I would like to appreciate and express my heartfelt gratitude towards your humbleness and humanity that you have attached along with the treatment

-- R. O., Mumbai

Before coming in touch with you, my wife was in and out of hospital with multiple complications and she was leading a totally abnormal life and was not even be able to handle her daily chores on her own. Owing to the continuous treatment and care from you, her health has improved a lot and not only is she currently doing her own work but also leading quite a normal life with minor complications which before coming to you was a distant dream to us.

-- J. T., Mumbai

This is to acknowledge that due to correct diagnosis and prescription of medicine given by Dr. Sejal to my mother, we are been able to control the volatility of blood thinning after she underwent heart valve replacement and bypass surgery in June 2008. This was not possible for a long time while she was undergoing allopathic medicines course. In our opinion this is life saving

-- A. D., Mumbai

I wanted to take opportunity to personally thank you and your staff for taking the time to provide us with excellent service and care. I sincerely appreciate and recognise the time you have spent helping both me and my mother with our individual problems

-- D. S., Australia

I was diagnosed as fatty liver and high cholesterol. After starting your treatment there was a significant change in my disease status, in my body both physically and mentally. I am feeling more active than before.

-- S. B., Mumbai

I was undergoing treatment for low sperm count and within 3 months under treatment of Dr. Sejal the reports are normal and sperm counts have also increased

-- V. C., Mumbai

Your medicines have effectively helped me in controlling my rheumatoid, my wife's blood pressure and managing the overall growth of my son.

-- A. L., Pune

At one stage my wife's platelet counts were just 1000 and it was threat to her life or to live bedridden. Also due to lowest possible platelet counts she was undergoing profuse menstrual bleeding and recurrent bleeding from nails and gums. My wife was advice to live entire life on Immune Globulin injections. It was the God's grace which gave us the courage to take path of homeopathy.

With your in depth analytical skills and utmost care, my wife has recovered fully and now since six months platelets count level has maintained and also she travelled to many place. The entire credit of my wife's New, Healthy and Energetic life goes to you, Dr. Sejal and we are word less to let you know what it means to us.

-- A. S., Mumbai

I came here for IBS - irritable bowel syndrome for which allopathy had no answer. I am happy that with your treatment my IBS is 90% better. My husband also come to you for treatment of Gout/Uric acid, even for which allopathy had no answer. He can now eat everything which other doctors had advised against and has been cured and no further attacks of swelling on joints.

-- Mr. and Mrs. T, Mumbai

'Homeopathy' was an alien world to me before I started experiencing the results first hand. I landed up in your clinic for my chronic problems of acidity, cough and sore throat, brought forth due to a stress filled lifestyle and urban environment.

You have not only cured me but made me immune to a large degree from frequent health setbacks. You have lead me to believe that there is as much science Homeopathy as is claimed by allopathy.

-- S. V., Mumbai


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