The Wellness Centre

The Meaning...

bodhin in Sanskrit means awakened self, enlightened or the one with supreme knowledge.

The Initiative...

Healing 'I' with Holistic Homeopathy and other Natural Resources

We at bodhin strive to give our best efforts in awakening a person's sense of well being. We offer an exclusive, natural, holistic and a comprehensive treatment program designed to prevent diseases, cure them and enhance the quality of an individual's life.

'I' Notion:

'I' Notion, is a process to discover and resolve what holds you back in life of your desire.

Be at Co-Creation with Universal Source of Energy. Make possible your connection with your higher self, your soul, for your life purpose.

Be the power of your own source of healing and your growth.

Healing is a stepping stone towards Growth.

At the core of bodhin - Dr. Sejal's Holistic I Notion,

We believe that Next Century Health is achieved at its best using safe and natural form of Homeopathy, integrated with other Natural Resources and Natural Therapies.

Founded by Dr. Sejal Sanghvi, MD (Hom), the aim of the Company is in providing and generating self Healthcare system in preventing, overcoming and enhancing healing quality of life.

Individualised Understanding

Every living being is a unique combination of four layers i.e. Mind, Emotions, Physique & Soul and harmony amongst these four layers is complete wellness of any living being.

Every living being is unique in combination to these four layers and so needs to be the healing program. We provide comprehensive and tailor- made solution to each diseased condition to every individual.

All of us posses the power to have complete wellness. Most of this power is not known. With support, guidance, openness, knowledge and experience; this can be achieved.

bodhin wishes to inspire people in freeing blockages at all levels and initiating complete fulfilment.

Wellness Centre
Wellness Centre
Wellness Centre
Wellness Centre
Wellness Centre
Wellness Centre


Upcoming Events

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World Cancer Day

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Date: 14th March, 2014:
World Kidney Day

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